Created by team Info Insighters on December 24, 2022

Podcasts are an excellent source of knowledge. But they can be too long and hard to pay attention to it the entire time. What if there is a more intuitive way to search for podcasts and also for info within podcasts? This is where our product comes into play. Key highlights 1. Searching for podcasts suited to your taste 2. Searching for answers within a podcast itself by asking it queries and without listening 3. Marking exactly where the answer is and summarising it. 4. Telling user what queries this podcast answers Major Uplifts: 1. Generating queries for dialogues in transcript using the prompt - "Generate 5 questions for the following passage {passage}" 2. Training a classifier using cohere api using the generated queries and dialogues 3. Highly scalable architecture 4. Podcast is just an example. Most documentation (python libraries, eth doc) have only keyword search. It is possible to scrape the documentation and build an index for a search engine using our architecture easily.

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