Hafiz Hassan Mustafa@hassanqureshi700

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I am an experienced professional with a diverse skill set in the fields of automation, artificial intelligence, and data science. I have successfully implemented various projects, showcasing my expertise in WhatsApp automation for marketing, where I have developed both chatbots and rule-based systems to enhance customer engagement. In addition, my proficiency extends to email automation, ensuring efficient communication strategies. I have also delved into Federal AI Law Consulting, utilizing Python, HTML, CSS, and JS to create an AI-powered PDF reader for legal documents. Moreover, my projects include Autogen, a collaborative platform leveraging user proxies and assistants. I possess in-depth knowledge of machine learning algorithms and have applied them in projects like sales prediction, recommendation systems, and predicting customer buying behavior. I excel in exploratory data analysis, handling missing values, data cleaning, preprocessing techniques, feature engineering, and feature selection to extract meaningful insights from data. Furthermore, I have developed Python-based chatbots for versatile applications. My skills extend to web scraping, providing valuable company insights. Overall, my diverse project portfolio reflects a strong foundation in both technical and business-oriented aspects of AI and data science.


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