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Ultralytics YOLOv8 is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art (SOTA) model that builds upon the success of previous YOLO versions and introduces new features and improvements to further boost performance and flexibility. YOLOv8 is designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of object detection and tracking, instance segmentation, image classification and pose estimation tasks.

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YOLOv8 supports a full range of vision AI tasks, including detection, segmentation, pose estimation, tracking, and classification. This versatility allows users to leverage YOLOv8's capabilities across diverse applications and domains.

Relese dateMay, 2023
TypeReal time object detection


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*Real-Time Translation Project for the Promotion of African Culture and the Inclusion of Hearing Impaired and Blind People* ### Context and Objectives Africa, rich in linguistic and cultural diversity, faces challenges in interlingual communication and inclusion of people with disabilities. Our project aims to solve these problems by developing a real-time translation system. This system will facilitate exchanges between speakers of different African languages and allow hearing-impaired or blind people to communicate effectively in their local languages. ### Main Features #### Real-Time Voice Translation The system instantly captures and translates a user's speech into the speaker's language. #### Written Translation and Speech Synthesis Speech is converted to text and then translated into the target language. This text is then read aloud. #### Translation of Gestures into Sign Language Using cameras and computer vision algorithms, sign language gestures are interpreted, translated into text, and then into audio. ### Benefits and Impact Our system: - *Facilitates communication*: It eliminates language barriers, promoting intercultural exchanges in Africa. - *Includes disabled people*: It allows the hearing impaired and blind to communicate effectively. - *Promotes African culture*: It preserves and promotes local languages and cultural traditions. ### Conclusion This real-time translation project will strengthen social and cultural ties in Africa and ensure the inclusion of all, regardless of linguistic or sensory abilities. By promoting exchanges and promoting cultural diversity, our system will contribute to a more inclusive and connected future for the African continent.



The problem SkyDoc solves Patchy Connectivity: Limited or unreliable internet access in rural areas. No Doctor Available: A scarcity of medical professionals accessible to rural patients. No Healthcare Facilities: Lack of local healthcare infrastructure or clinics. No Awareness + Basic Knowledge: Limited health awareness and basic medical knowledge among rural populations. Instant Healthcare Features: Voice and Video Call Appointments: Connects rural patients with doctors via video calls. Seamlessly transitions to voice calls in areas with poor network connectivity. Supports communication in local languages. Disease Prediction Using ML: Utilizes Machine Learning for early detection and prediction of diseases. Analyzes patterns and factors contributing to disease onset. Enables proactive healthcare management and personalized care plans. WhatsApp and SMS Diagnostics: Offers health updates and diagnostic information via SMS and WhatsApp. Ensures continuous communication between healthcare providers and patients. Includes details about health status and future appointments. Healthcare AI Assistant: A chatbot that provides 24/7 health-related information and advice. Powered by advanced AI for accurate and swift responses. Enhances decision-making and access to health information. Education Center: Features educational videos on a variety of healthcare topics. Offers practical demonstrations and expert-led content. Aims to increase health awareness and proactive management among users.