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YOLOv6 has a series of models for various industrial scenarios, including N/T/S/M/L, which the architectures vary considering the model size for better accuracy-speed trade-off. And some Bag-of-freebies methods are introduced to further improve the performance, such as self-distillation and more training epochs. For industrial deployment, we adopt QAT with channel-wise distillation and graph optimization to pursue extreme performance. YOLOv6-N hits 35.9% AP on COCO dataset with 1234 FPS on T4. YOLOv6-S strikes 43.5% AP with 495 FPS, and the quantized YOLOv6-S model achieves 43.3% AP at a accelerated speed of 869 FPS on T4. YOLOv6-T/M/L also have excellent performance, which show higher accuracy than other detectors with the similar inference speed.

Relese dateJune, 2022
TypeReal time object detection


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