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Stability AI's Stable Video

Stable Video is Stability AI’s pioneering venture into generative AI video models, designed for a broad spectrum of video applications in media, entertainment, education, and marketing. It enables users to convert text and image inputs into dynamic scenes, bringing concepts to life in a cinematic format.

Relese dateNovember 21, 2023
AuthorStability AI
TypeGenerative image-to-video model

Stable Video Specifications

Stable Video comes in two models, generating 14 and 25 frames respectively, at frame rates ranging from 3 to 30 FPS. These models have shown to surpass leading closed models in user preference studies.

  • Video duration: 2-5 seconds
  • Frame rate: Up to 30 FPS
  • Processing time: 2 minutes or less

Stable Video License

Stable Video Diffusion is available under a non-commercial community license. Review the full License and Stability’s Acceptable Use Policy here.

Model Sources


A user preference study comparing SVD Image-to-Video with GEN-2 and PikaLabs shows a higher preference for SVD in terms of video quality. Details are available in the research paper.


Intended for research, Stable Video can be utilized in generative model research, model safety, understanding model limitations, artistic creation, and educational tools. It is not designed for factual or true representations and should adhere to Stability AI's Acceptable Use Policy.

Limitations and Recommendations

The model produces short videos with potential limitations in motion, photorealism, and text rendering. It is primarily for research purposes.

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biologyAI 3D movies

biologyAI 3D movies

Your AI-driven tool is a revolutionary blend of Midjourney and Stable Video, designed specifically for science YouTubers. It simplifies the creation of educational videos by transforming static, microscopic world images into dynamic, 3D CGI-like videos, accompanied by AI-generated audio tracks. This innovation allows content creators to produce high-quality, engaging visuals effortlessly, focusing more on their educational narratives. The standout feature of your project is its capacity to automate the production of intricate, visually rich content. This not only makes the process efficient but also accessible to creators with varying levels of technical expertise. The focus on microscopic imagery offers a deep dive into the cellular world, providing viewers with an immersive and detailed exploration of scientific concepts. Another key aspect is the AI-generated audio tracks. These tracks complement the visuals, enhancing the overall viewer experience and engagement. This is particularly beneficial for YouTubers who seek to create a complete sensory experience for their audience. The potential of your tool extends far beyond its current application. It holds the promise of revolutionizing the production of educational content across various digital platforms. By making complex scientific topics visually appealing and easy to understand, your tool can play a crucial role in expanding the reach and impact of science communication. As part of an AI startup accelerator, your project stands out for its innovative use of AI, its impact on educational content quality, and its broad potential in enhancing the field of science education. This tool not only represents a significant advancement in content creation technology but also in the democratization of high-quality educational resources.