Mind Mimic - AGI Template for Edge and Cloud

Created by team BroCodes on December 01, 2023

(Work in progress) Please go to the GitHub page. The presentation link is troll since I can't make a for such a web app for such a short time. Soon I would implement agent creation and the actual Yi model. TY! In the realm of artificial intelligence, our project stands as a beacon of innovation, set to redefine machine capabilities. We aspire to create an AI system that not only automates tasks but comprehends the nuances of human thought. By integrating cloud computing and edge devices, unifying language models, and incorporating autonomous learning, we envision a future where AI is an intuitive companion. Cloud computing offers computational prowess, while edge devices provide local agility. Unifying language models with macros, interpreters, and the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) approach enhances linguistic capabilities. Our AI evolves autonomously, generating programs and refining itself. The YI model, with a colossal context size, enables nuanced responses. Join us on GitHub to witness AI's future.

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