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Created by team Kitchen Creators on February 13, 2024

Our project aims to revolutionize the culinary experience by leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies. With our platform, users can explore personalized recipe recommendations tailored to their preferences and available ingredients. Utilizing advanced algorithms, we detect and filter out improbable suggestions, ensuring the credibility of recipes. Our system measures the originality of generated recipes through the integration of Lambda AI with the Highly Hierarchical Evaluation Model (HHEM). Moreover, our comprehensive Vectara database offers a rich collection of diverse recipes, ingredients, and culinary inspirations. By combining innovation with data-driven insights, we empower users to unleash their creativity in the kitchen and enjoy gastronomic adventures like never before.

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"Good use of technology. To a noob person, It will also work. Not fully but help to make some stuff. Excellent work. "


Muhammad Mubashir Hassan