Cricket Video Analyzer - 12 labs RAG

Created by team Cricket on May 05, 2024

Cricket VIDEO ANALYZER to understand a batsman using 12 labs API +llama index + GPT 4 Solution: Choose 1 batsman (Glenn Maxwell of Australia) (Source 1) : Use 12 labs API to understand their playing style - Understand the video Generate the text (Source 2 for additional augmentation) : Use APIs to get ball by ball commentary of the batsman Build a vector store of the dataset built using (2) and (3) Use GPT-4 to answer questions on this dataset (RAG application) Global Popularity and Demand: The immense popularity of cricket has led to a high demand for video analysis tools. Coaches, players, and teams use these tools to analyze player performance, match strategies, and opponent weaknesses. The ability to break down every aspect of a game, from batting techniques to bowling actions, has become crucial for success. As cricket leagues (such as the Indian Premier League) and international tournaments continue to grow, the demand for sophisticated video analysis software has skyrocketed. Advanced Technology and Data Insights: Cricket video analysis tools have evolved significantly over the years. High-speed cameras, ball-tracking systems, and AI algorithms allow for precise analysis of player movements, ball trajectories, and field placements. Coaches can identify patterns, assess player fitness, and make data-driven decisions. For example, analyzing a batsman’s scoring zones or a bowler’s release point can provide valuable insights.

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