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Created by team W Tan on April 15, 2023

AI Home Design is an interior design assistant powered by Stable Diffusion and YOLO to solve pain points felt by homeowners. It differs from other AI interior design apps out there because 1) it addresses pain points in homeowners' entire user journey, 2) functions as a social sharing platform, and 3) is an aide to augment, not replace home decor professionals and designers. FIRSTLY, the flagship "Create With AI" feature guides the user in prompt engineering to convert their design hunches from text to actual image, helping them overcome creative blockages. This also improves communication with interior designers, since words can be subjective, but images are direct. SECONDLY, homeowners may want to reimagine a space even after initial fittings like paneling and paint jobs are already done. They cannot tear down these fittings in real life, but they can use Stable Diffusion's image-to-image functionality to reimagine the space. THIRD, AI Home Design also functions as a social sharing platform where users can draw inspiration and start conversations with one another. FINALLY, homeowners still need to furnish and populate their spaces even after they have decided on their designs. This is where YOLO comes in, helping the user to recognise objects, and creating outbound e-commerce links for them to buy items. AI is thus used here to smoothen homeowner-professional interactions and engender connections. Even after the hackathon, I am continually improving the app by creating new features (see slide deck!), such as tools to facilitate discussions, recommenders, or improved object detection. On the technical front, I aim to infuse more powerful models like CLIP, Segment Anything or YOLOv8. On the business front, I am building in-app services to serve new target groups like real estate agents and elder-friendly/disability-friendly retrofitting specialists. Join me on this journey to make interior design more seamless for users, and to use AI in a coherent, impactful way.

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"I like the use of Stable Diffusion's image-to-image functionality that allows users to reimagine spaces without physical alterations and that is also a social platform that users can engage with others for inspiration and discussion. Amazing work"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"A Pinterest for home design? Sign me in! :D I really dig the presentation style, the website, and all the capabilities your project offers. Hope to see it become a big thing one day !!"


Dimitrije Pesic


"I don't know what to say... I love it!! So great already and also room for further business oriented implementations. I really hope to see you in Slingshot! "


Nate Rundberg

lablab NEXT

"Great project ! It has enormous business potential, i really like how stable diffusion is used in the project. I encourage you to further develop this project."


Gonzalo Huelmo Romero

Bachelor in Informatics / Data Science