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We use AI to facilitate industrial design and modeling images. You can - generate designs based on descriptions and existing collections. - try new designs in real-world pictures. For example, you can use the model to - generate streamlined, leather material body e-cigarette design based on the <200 images collection> - try <helmet-design> on 6-month kids playing on grass. Overall Impression - Users can provide a collection of reference images - Users can use simple words to *generate* and *modify* images - The user’s product can be displayed in different scenarios We also provided demo with real users from industrial designer in e-cigarette who needs to demo to their customers with new designs. Helped kid's helment manufacture who needs to create non-real human images in order to pass regulations regarding advertisement privacy. They both benefites from our product by reducing image generation time, and increasing variaty.

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"I like idea of that allows users to try out their designs in real-world scenarios but overall the project lacks more development but has potential "


Theodoros Ampas

Co-Founder of Content-Hive

"I like the idea that facilitates designers do their work more easily, the video presentation could be further explained but i really like the idea application to make the job easier for designers. "


Gonzalo Huelmo Romero

Bachelor in Informatics / Data Science