Created by team Team Tonic on November 09, 2023

MultiMed is an innovative platform poised to transform the landscape of medical education and public health communication. At its core, MultiMed leverages cutting-edge technology to address a critical gap in healthcare: the delivery of complex medical knowledge and public health information in a way that is accessible, accurate, and culturally sensitive across language barriers. Our platform is built upon a sophisticated hallucination detection system, which ensures the integrity and reliability of the information provided. This system is crucial in the medical field, where the accuracy of information can be a matter of life and death. The conversational chat and retrieval system is another cornerstone of the MultiMed experience. It is designed to mimic the nuanced understanding of a human medical professional, providing users with an interactive, engaging, and personalized experience. Whether it's a medical student seeking to clarify a complex concept or a member of the public looking to understand health guidelines, our system is equipped to handle inquiries with precision and empathy. MultiMed's multilingual support is not just a feature; it's a commitment to inclusivity. We recognize that language is one of the most significant barriers to the dissemination of medical knowledge and healthcare information. Our service breaks down these barriers by offering seamless support in multiple languages, ensuring that both medical professionals and the public have access to vital information in their native tongues. By providing a single, reliable source for medical education and public health messaging, we empower users to bypass the confusion of disparate information sources. This centralization is not only about convenience; it's about ensuring consistency and reliability in the information that shapes public health outcomes.

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"Great project! Would love to see these tied together a bit (e.g. feed the summary into the hallucination model through an app), but overall well done and neat concept!"


Shane Connelly

Head of Product

"Nice multi-modal input capability."


Justin Hayes

Head of Field Engineering

"great project. continue working on it"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor