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Created by team fritzlabs on November 05, 2023

Unlock a new era of healthcare guidance with GuidelineGuru, an innovative application powered by generative artificial intelligence. Designed to be a comprehensive resource, GuidelineGuru offers access to a vast repository of almost 100 national health guidelines, covering a diverse range of conditions and medical scenarios. Navigating guidelines has become more and more complex as the guideline landscape has grown. Accessing and interpreting national health guidelines is now easy and efficient. The platform streamlines the process, offering quick access to the collection of national health guidelines. Stick to evidence-based practices at your point of care at your own pace. Be aware that the application is in a testing stage and for demonstration purpose only.

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"it is great idea, just need to be refined and upgraded to standout of other solutions. building database for heathcare system is great. continue working on it."


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor