Created by team GitHelpers on July 07, 2023

Summar.AI is a powerful Chrome extension designed to enhance the GitHub repository experience by providing valuable insights and accessibility features, allowing those new to the open source community to contribute effectively and collaborate with other developers. With the ability to extract key information from the readme file of a repository, Summar.AI offers comprehensive summaries that give contributors a quick overview of the project's purpose, scope, and main features, powered by LABLAB AI's Task Specific Summary API. One of the standout features of Summar.AI is its integrated chatbot, which allows users to interact and ask questions about the repository directly within the extension. This chatbot acts as a knowledgeable guide, providing assistance and clarifications, making it easier for developers to understand the project and contribute effectively. This was implemented by using LABLAB AI's QnA Task Specific API. Furthermore, Summar.AI goes beyond mere summarization and Q&A by identifying specific areas within the repository that require contributions, it achieves this by using GitHub's API and retrieving the issues for the current repository and then uses the Jurassic-2-Ultra model to suggest to the user how they might fix these open issues.

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"As a person who used to struggle to understand Github i really like the concept "


Haneen Salih

Community Manager

"Great job, team! Summar.AI has the potential to be a valuable solution for GitHub users, providing them with insightful summaries and increasing their contribution to repositories. By condensing information and highlighting key points, Summar.AI can save users time and help them gain a better understanding of projects and codebases. I'm excited to see how Summar.AI evolves and what new features you'll implement. Keep up the fantastic work, and good luck with the continued development of Summar.AI! I can't wait to see the future achievements of your project."


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green