Created by team TechDock on December 16, 2022

Avocado - a mobile application to guide beginners in gym, do it safe and get results. Avocado can help you do gym in several ways: - Based on your exercises, it suggests what to add or remove to have balanced training for all muscle groups - Plans the best training plan for you providing enough time to rest and recover - Tracks your progress and provides instants feedback on how to improve and prevent harm To process video and audio information I use Whisper to get transcript. And GPT to extract information and make recomendations. There are two tasks: - The first one is convert video to exercises. We extract all exercises from the video along with all required information including name, summary, steps, timecodes, involved muscles and movement types (pulling or pushing). - Then we use AI in similar way to process audio recordings, which user makes during the training session. We extract number of repeats, weight, feel and harm. Then we use it to adjust current session, prevent harm and make recomendations with help of GPT

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