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Created by team Deepfai on December 16, 2022

With the Technological Advancement and growing pool of Knowledge base. It is getting difficult for Learners to Understand Specific Topics, Videos, and Audios in Fast pace. specially when we have Sea of Information on Google. So we came up with the Idea of ezTutor, that can help learners to understand specific topics and Evaluate themselves with the help of an AI Generated Content and Quizzes. In The ezTutor App: If you want to learn any topic, you can enter the text, and get the results with examples, images and keywords. If you want to learn by Video then by pasting YouTube's video url and get the reading content as well the summary of the topic, if you are running out of time. Similarly if you want to learn from Audio, recorded in a class then simply upload the audio. ezTutor will transcribe and Summarize the content. You can also test your learning by attempting the quiz.

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