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Created by team PrintAi on December 16, 2022

Our idea for a Shopify Print on Demand app that uses DALL-E inpainting would be to create an app that allows users to add custom images to their products. The app would use DALL-E to personalize the images based on a description provided by the user. For example, a user might want to add a picture of their grandparent’s dog to a t-shirt. They could then add props like a “Santa hat” to the dog, and DALL-E would generate the image and add it to the t-shirt or any other POD product. This would allow users to easily customize their products with unique images without needing any design skills. Another use case for this could be using the DALL-E outpainting tool, where a user might upload a picture of their own dog and ask the app to put it in a certain environment, i.e. “space”. The app would significantly reduce the turnover time and processes of personalized POD (currently 1-3 days) and design costs (currently $1-$5/design). We would charge merchants just $1 for each actual purchase on their store that was made via PrintAi. Overall, the app would make it easy for personalized POD merchants to allow their customers to add custom, high-quality images to their products, making their online stores more unique and appealing to customers.

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