Date Fight Club Love Combat

Created by team Samurai Seven on March 03, 2023

We used GPT-3 to create a Dating/Fighting simulation video game, giving AI a twist on it's implementation and creating a simulation of human interactions and emotions as a topic of study. Furthermore, we implemented a Finite State Automata controlled by an AI for the basis of our combat system instead of an already determined set of actions, bringing an element of randomness rarely seen in games. The characters use ChatGPT-3 to generate coherent responses and create inmersive scenarios. Using Emotion Analysis we plan to tie physical responses to the conversations in the future We hope to implement Whisper in the future to give a real voice to the conversations generated. Through this, we hope to determine whether AI can naturally integrate into flows of conversation indistiguishable from real interactions Current video games are using AI but not for the combat mechanics which is one of the more important and fun aspects on a video game We created a Finite State Automata that handles all our combat states but rather than being controlled by default AI, it is controlled by a more custom AI so every fight feels different and unique.

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