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Created by team KitCat on March 03, 2023

A discord bot that records voice data from a voice channel and translates the voice data into a script that is translated into the desired language. we used discord.py for building the discord bot itself. this proved difficult since there were not much manual support for many of the methods we needed. Thus we switched to Pycord since its a fork of Discord.py and had better support for voice recording. bot will connect and start recording voice from the channel that it has been called with $record command. in order to stop the recording $stop_recording command needs to be typed. Unfortunately we couldn't managed to make this voice data passed into the open ai api one of the reasons was the platform we were hosting the bot (replit) didn't have much support for voice recording using a discord bots. If we had more time Bot should be able to pass the voice data into whisper and transform it into text data. Later text gets passed into chatGBT for translation. After the translation output gets send to the channel that the $record command got excited. Although we will continue developing this bot, it is currently not fully working.

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