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Created by team Immersia on March 03, 2023

With the technological leap in generative AI, there are countless new businesses and startups which are using AI image generation in their pipeline. A non significant amount of these ventures can get supercharged with the ability to convert their 2D images to immersive environments and 3D objects A simple and intuitive tool to produce immersive 360° views using Dall-E 2 API as Proof of Concept Further iterations include integrating this with unity engine so the immersive environment can be manipulated and populated with 3D objects like in a video game. This use case has been verified by our first customers and by the industry leader StabilityAI.

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"This project aims to leverage the advancements in generative AI to develop a tool that allows users to produce immersive 360° views by converting 2D images to 3D objects using Dall-E 2 API. The use of this tool can be expanded by integrating it with the Unity engine, which would allow users to manipulate and populate the immersive environment with 3D objects. The project appears to have a solid proof of concept, and the integration with Unity would provide additional value to users. The presentation is clear and concise, highlighting the key features and benefits of the tool. Overall, this project seems to be an original and innovative idea that has significant business value"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Great work and implementation. I wish the demo was longer and more examples. The 5s clip at the end was not enough to fully visualize explained potential."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student

"I really like the idea itself"


Ibrohim Abdivokhidov

Ai generated Not real

"Very nice idea, proof of concept! It is a weird view :)"


Laszlo Gaal

Full Stack Developer

"I would love to see a demo of this - probably a very difficult product or tech to sell as not everyone has VR gogles at home to access this once ready! Good luck and love to see what becomes of this!"


Alek Jankowski

Operations and Partner Manager