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Created by team AI Troopers on March 03, 2023

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to online dating? Are you tired of the same old conversations that go nowhere and end up in a ghosting? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to break the ice with someone they’ve never met before, which is why DAITING BETTER is here to help. DAITING BETTER is an online dating platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you get the conversation started. With our AI-generated messages, you can break the ice with potential dates quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter which gender, which interests, looking for a relationship or something more casual? Our AI-generated messages will help you start off on the right foot! The microservice provides 3 creative and individual AI-generated messages the user can pick from. After picking 4 AI-messages (2 for each user) the human chat conversation will continue.

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"I'm sure this will be helpful to a lot of people out there :P"


Mohd Nomaan

Co-Founder & Business Head at NeoLocus

"This is such a great idea! Imagine the amount of people who can benefit from this! Presentation is well made and the demo is working great. Great job!"


Dimitrije Pesic


"The integration with top players will be really powerful! Looking forward to test it."


Olesia Zinchenko

Product Marketing Manager

"I like the personalization of the application, theoretical applications are high. Although optimization opportunities are apparent."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student

"This looks more like a feature then a product. You would need to make this fetch data directly and take it into all chats like Instam Facebook, Whatsapp, tinder etc. Thois could work very well then. At this stage super easy to replicate by dating platforms. "


Pawel Czech