2600 Books Sorted for Multi-Agent Creation

Created by team 2600 Books Files Sorted on October 13, 2023

In the neon-lit digital underworld, we wielded the code, Bash, and the terminal like a switchblade in a dark alley. With 2600 books jumbled in a main folder, chaos reigned. But then, we summoned OpenAI's API, a digital oracle, to decipher the cryptic hieroglyphs within those tomes. It read the tea leaves of text, determined the hidden truths, and neatly arranged them into categories, like cards in a deck. Each line of code a sharp stiletto, cutting through the chaos, and the terminal echoed with the hum of virtual triumph. In this digital noir, order emerged from chaos, and the API was our savior.

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"Rad!! Love this Don and Tionna. I love the presentation, very clean. I think the approach that it took is a bizarre one (for example, placing a book in the "Art" section because "Art" is in the title— "Military Dep*art*ment"— lol), and I wish it had gone for some kind of classifier / embedding approach. We should bias it towards doing that for classification in the future. Great use-case!"


Killian Lucas

Lead Developer