Personalized Digital Material Making App

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Created by team PanjatanAI on January 21, 2024

My idea is to automate the process of creating post . If some one want to create a post so first it create for post separately and background image separately then combine it text with image . My personalised Digital Material Making App solve this problem . Let take an example : create a post for company name Markelytics. In this post write about the job opening for data engineers. Fresh graduates can also apply. Location in Karachi. Job Type: Hybrid. Contact: [email protected] . so can write this in prompt then app create summarized and quality text for this job post using GPT-4 Turbo and image related to this job using Dall-e-3 . Then put this text on image custom i create using pillow library to put text on image . It will give three output content , image and image with content so user can used it according there need . By using this it save a lot of time to people who post quotation daily on instagram , Business owner for job post , hotel owner for food post etc so this amazing app save time and help to grow any kind of business digitally

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