Created by team SmartMix on January 11, 2024

The integration of Mixtral for authentic human conversations has proven to be remarkably successful. In an upcoming version, we plan to refine the sequencing to more accurately mimic real group dynamics. Additionally, we aim to introduce a human participant to interact within this digital environment. A pivotal realization emerged: Mixtral's utility extends beyond patient support; it's a valuable tool for therapists to enhance their sessions and gather insightful statistics. Our programming “aha” moment was the use of Steps to create a final report and the use sentiment analysis to grade the session and offer feedback on how to make it better in the future. The societal benefits of Mixtral are multifaceted: Firstly, it establishes a secure and nonjudgmental space for discussing sensitive matters. Secondly, it furnishes therapists with a feedback mechanism to refine their practice. Lastly, it generates vital statistics, often required for governmental funding, through methods like sentiment analysis.

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"Remarkable idea and good job building a prototype. The presentation was superb. The team did a great job enumerating the many benefits and potential applications. The only thing missing was an explanation of how to turn the product into a business."


Hardik Vala