Created by team Lets Build together on January 12, 2024

There is an army of middle men that exist between the Weaver/ Artisan and the Customer. Each person in the middle takes a cut of each product made by the seller reducing their profit margin and in the end paying them only minimum wages, We are building a direct pipeline from the seller to customers. These craft-based clusters serve multiple arms of the cultural economy, from fashion –to- home décor studios and Indian tourism ambassador ,they include artisans and weavers from clusters and individual weaver entrepreneurs who shoulder the entire production-to-consumer supply chain but are exploited consistently over the years by Commission agents & Middle-Man. if streamlined, formalized, and levered by relevant technologies, can reap enormous dividends. For all its growth and potential these enterprises are hard-pressed for viable TECHNOLOGY platforms that are catered specifically towards their niche that can help them bypass the Middleman and increase their profit in operations. We want to build a 0% Commission platform that will use Generative Artificial Intelligence to communicate to customers directly on behalf of the weaver/artisan and will provide direct E-link to the sellers profile mentioning their product specialty and geography making it easier for customers to reach out directly to the seller through our platform. This will create Market Linkages and diversification of the current supply chain for the seller and act as alternate sales and marketing channel and the ability to connect directly to the customer and not be dependent on Middleman and Foot traffic at Exhibitions alone and also have a digital reach to customers beyond their current demography.

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"This is a very original idea! You built a well-crafted product that simplifies commerce for sellers and consumers, opening up the possibility of new kinds of marketplaces. Next, consider what pricing models would turn this into a viable business."


Hardik Vala


"very great idea, but i did not find any demo to try it or find your code for how you build it. it would be exciting to try this product and let business owners use it. great work"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor