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Created by team Nexia on March 04, 2024

"Nexia Tutor" is a groundbreaking project aimed at alleviating the struggles faced by individuals, particularly children, dealing with learning disabilities associated with reading and spelling, such as dyslexia. Recognizing the significant impact of these challenges on education and overall well-being, this initiative merges educational and health interventions to provide a holistic solution. Through a web application, "Nexia Tutor" offers a game-based screening test to identify specific areas of difficulty for each child, followed by personalized AI tutoring service where it helps the child read and learn new keywords with games and activities targeted for the specific case that the kid suffers from (i.e working memory memorize cards game for kids with challenges in visual working memory). By addressing individual needs and providing tailored support, "Nexia Tutor" aims to empower those with linguistic challenges to overcome barriers and achieve academic success. This comprehensive approach not only fosters learning but also contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, primarily targeting education, health and reduced inequalities objectives.

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