AI Planner

Created by team Eventful on March 06, 2024

planning your wedding is one of the hardest things you'll ever do in your life. Automation is a great way to solve many problems in our life. Still, unfortunately, it's not easy to automate a chaotic and random process such as wedding organization, where the customer can specify all the big and small details, confirm their booking and pay using the app. Why is it that hard? You need to have too many back-and-forth conversations with the customer to ask them about requirements, their budget, and their expected number of guests and then, teach them about all the services they need to make a wedding as they don't have experience. This kind of conversation is the tough part about automating the whole process, but if we manage to overcome it, everything else will be possible afterward, it's the basis to be automated to automate anything else based on it, such as creating a package of bookings that contain all the customer's selection and making the deposit/full payment using the application. Without the power of LLM models, it's impossible to build a scalable, fully automated solution. But today, we have AI Planner, which will take all of this overhead and do all the conversation with the customer, asking him about all the small details about the event and even discussing the pricing and the suited options with them. This is AI Planner.

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