La Vipère

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Created by team 399 on March 07, 2024

Introduction: This innovative project emerges from a simple yet profound need experienced by myself four years ago—the desire to create personalized clothing. With a background in mathematics, computer engineering, and a passion for visual art and design, I sought to revolutionize the traditional process of creating custom clothing. The proposed platform leverages AI and advanced technologies to abstract and democratize the process of custom clothing creation. Key features include: AI-Driven Design Generation: Users can receive design recommendations or create their own designs, tailored to their preferences and measurements. AI-Enhanced Pattern Creation: Utilizing AI coupled with mathematical solvers, the platform generates accurate pattern pieces based on the user's body measurements. Laser Cutting Technology: To reduce manual effort and increase precision, pattern pieces are cut using laser cutters. Sustainable Local Assembly: Emphasizing a sustainable approach, the platform connects users with local sewists who assemble the garment pieces, supporting the local economy and reducing carbon footprint. User Flow: Users enter the platform and input their measurements. They receive design recommendations or customize their own design. Upon finalizing the design, users click "Order" to initiate the creation process. The backend system generates pattern pieces and assembly instructions, sources fabrics, and coordinates cutting and assembly through a network of available sewists.

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