AlgoGuardian - Youtube Addiction Rehab

Created by team Youtube Addiction Rehab on July 04, 2024

We are in a dopamine epidemic, recommendation algorithms are addictive. The more time we spend on these applications, the less joy they bring. Time spent on digital media had doubled for the past 10 years, and 41% of adult in the us find it hard to manage screen time. These algorithms are getting better everyday, it can manipulate our emotions and hijack our attention easily. We are losing control of how we want to use this technology. At AlgoGuardian, we want to build tools to help user fight addictive algorithm and regain control. Our first product YouTube Addiction Rehab is a chrome extension that uses AI to filter & block videos on youtube. The extension supports both OpenAI and Anthropic APIs, once user input their goals and enabled AI filter & blocker. Every time when there are videos being recommended, the llm model will evaluate if the video is relevant to the user's goal, and decide to show it or hide it. When user click to watch a video, it will also evaluate that and block it if it's irrelevant to the user's goal. By filtering and blocking irrelevant videos, user can focus on their goals. Getting value from these applications and not being manipulated by it.

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"I absolutely love this product. You definitely tackled a great issue and came through with a great solution. The chrome extension looks solid and thorough. Great job!"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor