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Created by team The Catcher in AI on July 04, 2024

Catcher is an innovative AI-powered Literary Scout designed to transform the manuscript review process in the publishing industry. Our web application combines cutting-edge AI technology with deep industry insights to provide publishing houses with efficient, high-quality book analyses. Catcher addresses the critical challenges faced by publishers: the time-consuming and costly nature of manuscript reviews, the scarcity of specialized reviewers, and the risk of overlooking potential bestsellers. By leveraging AI capabilities, Catcher can analyze a book's content, style, relevance, and cultural fit way quicker than human reviewers. Key features include multi-stage literary and business-focused analysis, custom user queries, and quality output with relevant quotes. Catcher is highly customizable for different genres and markets, making it versatile across various publishing needs. The origin of the project lies in 15+ experience of the founder who worked on each side of this bussiness: as author (published in 6 countries), editor for big publishing houses and the reviewer himself. The paradox of current process of reviewing is that it's crucial, but costly for publishers and frustrating for reviewers - unprofitable for both. Human quality reviews take time, a skilled human writes 1-7 reviews per month. Most of them result in no deal. We're inventing a tailored quality solution that was not even possible 2 years ago - therefore the sky is the limit. Catcher not only saves time and resources but also enhances the discovery process, allowing publishers to review more manuscripts and identify promising works that might otherwise be missed. Catcher acts as a first-pass filter, enabling human reviewers to focus their expertise on the most promising manuscripts. With a scalable business model including subscription and pay-per-use options, Catcher is poised to become an indispensable tool in the publishing industry, helping to uncover the next generation of literary gems.

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