ShadowExtreme- Aircraft Exterior Damage Report App

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Created by team ShadowExtreme on July 02, 2024

It's a cutting edge Generative AI app that automates the reports of aircraft exterior part damages by identifying the parts that have damage, analyzing the detail through a camera installed at every aircraft stand or gate and then generating a report that includes the description and details of an aircraft such as aircraft type, airline, list of exterior part damages, description about damages, total repair costs and status outcome which consists of three levels: green, yellow and red. Green means that the aircraft is safe and ready to fly, yellow is minor damages and may need some repairs and the aircraft flight may be delayed by several hours and red means major damage and may be repaired and grounded and the flight may be replaced by stand by aircraft. The protoype is set to replace existing reporting systems such as Airbus SRM system and other internal reporting systems developed by airlines and airport companies. It is powered by Gemini model developed by Google and Streamlit as a frontend. It also has Chat AI Aircraft Assistant to provide general information about exterior part damage. Users are ground aircraft engineers, maintenance aircraft engineers, pilots, gate managers and cabin crew. India, KSA, UAE, UK and USA are best markets to test out prototype.

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"Excellent idea and it looks like a good implementation aswell. But would have liked to see more specific part reports rather than the overall health of the aircraft itself as that would make the use case more solid and upto the mark. Great thinking and implementation nevertheless"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor