fAIble Bud TV - SmartTV App

Created by team Metagineers on July 07, 2024

Faiblebud TV is an innovative Amazon Alexa voice-driven application designed to deliver educational and engaging content for young children. It addresses several key issues faced by modern families: 1. Purpose: • Teaches children important values and morals through AI-narrated fables. • Provides on-demand, highly personalized, and unique storytelling experiences. • Accessible on over 100 million Smart TVs and projectors equipped with Alexa. 2. Problems Solved: • Assists busy parents who lack time to read to their children. • Reduces non-educational screen time for kids. • Offers more ways for children to learn about values and morals through personalized content. 3. Team: • GoldZulu: AI and Voice Evangelist with extensive experience in startups and major tech programs. • NixieNixie00: Expert in design, video, and audio with a background in AI research. 4. Market Potential: • Enormous potential with over 100 million Alexa-equipped smart TV devices. • Engaging and addictive for children due to the personalized nature of the stories. • Proven revenue generation potential, with some Alexa Skills earning over $1 million annually. • Scalable and adaptable to various markets and languages, with potential extensions to mobile phones, speakers, and headphones. 5. Monetization: • Free tier allows access to a limited number of fables per month without saving the stories. • Subscription model following the Audible style, offering four fables per month for $2.99, with all stories saved for playback during the subscription period. • Future plans include audio submission for cloning, providing an additional revenue stream.

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"Excellent presentation. I love the product idea as well as you integrated elevenlabs pretty seamlessly. Good job guys"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor