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Created by team CricketGPT on July 04, 2024

Cricket boasts over one billion fans in South Asia. - **Innovative App Features**: - **Enhanced Viewing Experience**: - Live commentary in the voices of famous personalities. - Engaging and entertaining match insights from legendary commentators, celebrities, and cricket icons. - **Coaching Tool**: - Helps coaches develop effective strategies against opponents. - Analyzes historical data, player performance, and match conditions. - Provides actionable insights and tactical recommendations. - **Benefits**: - Enriches the fan experience by making every match more engaging. - Empowers coaches to make informed decisions. - Enhances the overall competitiveness and enjoyment of cricket.

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"Really love this product! As someone who watches cricket as well, i think this is absolutely brilliant. Great job with the prediction data and great presentation. Did exceed the 5 minute mark by a fair margin though"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor