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Created by team BlazzByte on July 04, 2024

Zapp Chat is an innovative AI-powered WhatsApp bot designed to revolutionize customer interactions for small businesses. Developed by BlazzAI for the Lablab NEXT Hackathon in July 2024, this intelligent solution automates responses to inquiries about products, business hours, and more. Capable of handling voice, media, and text messages, Zapp Chat leverages advanced technologies like Langchain, WhatsApp API, Supabase, and FastAPI to deliver seamless integration and efficient data retrieval. With a freemium model and customization options, Zapp Chat aims to increase lead generation, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline operations for over 50 million brands using WhatsApp as a business tool.

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"Great job with the bot guys, i hope to see much more fun features from this project. This one as well has great potential. Good job"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor