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Created by team Animatix on July 04, 2024

Animatix is an All-in-one AI Video platform that enable creatives, marketers and advertisers to create Video Commercials in minutes for a fraction of the cost. Creating high-performing video ads is a slow, expensive and uncertain process. Slow Creation, High Costs, Uncertain Results. Animatix streamlines the AI Video creation workflow by integrating the Best in class AI Models All-in-one Platform. From AI Script, to AI Actor Casting, to AI Storyboard to AI Video all in one place. It enable Advertisers, Marketers and creatives to create a AI Video commercial in 10 min and $100 where it would have taken in average 30days and $60K to produce similar quality production. It's a 600x gain. AI video will dirsupt Advertising and Animatix is the tool that will enable B2B advertising companies to leverage such AI Video technologies.

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"I like the product and the idea, but the github repo shows that its empty. I like the presentation too"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor