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Created by team RagforCat on June 01, 2024

As the internet is flooded with misinformation, ambiguous arguments and potential biases, this web app was created with a view to assisting you all to find the absolute truth and paving the way for a more skeptical attitude on curating and using different sources of information. Every piece of content, in the format of video or text can be validated with my AI Agents. All the information that you want to validate will go through a multi AI Agent pipeline to receive fullscale assessment at various angles. At its core, the app employs a sophisticated multi-agent AI pipeline to validate any content, whether video or text format. When a user pastes a link to the document they wish to verify, the process begins with the "researcher" AI agent summarizing the key points of the content. This summary is then passed to the "questioner" AI agent, whose role is to critically analyze each key point with utmost carefulness. The "questioner" agent thinks like a skeptical individual, assessing every claim and leveraging search tools when necessary to cross-reference information from reputable sources. After a thorough, multi-angled analysis, the "questioner" agent delivers a final, comprehensive evaluation of all the key points back to the user. This empowers users with an in-depth, fact-checked understanding of the content, separating truth from fiction.

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"the idea is great, but you need to check that should be written in pitch ppt in order to show your work and explain everything about it. complete your project, the idea worth implementing it into a good business case. good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Lablab Head Judge

"Great idea, and the implementation seems to be very solid as well. Good job!"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor