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Created by team Empty Mindz on June 02, 2024

The AI Meal Planner App is an innovative solution designed to simplify daily meal planning. By integrating artificial intelligence, specifically GPT-4o, the app personalizes meal plans based on individual dietary requirements and preferences. Users input their age, height, weight, and gender, and the app calculates their daily caloric needs using their basal metabolic rate. From there, the app selects ingredients and generates meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that meet these caloric goals. Each meal is creatively named and described, adding a unique touch to every day dining. This app not only aids in healthy eating but also introduces a fun, tech-driven approach to nutrition management. Whether managing dietary restrictions or just looking for meal inspiration, our app provides a user-friendly platform to meet diverse dietary needs efficiently.

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"great work. you made a great solution every body needs, i couldn't find where i can add food preferences or food allergy before making a meal plan. also business plan is missed. keep working on the project"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Lablab Head Judge