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Created by team 25hrs on June 02, 2024

The Calorie Tracker application is designed to provide users with a comprehensive tool to monitor their dietary habits and nutritional intake. This application will leverage the advanced image processing capabilities of the GPT-4 architecture to input detailed nutrition information from various sources, such as food labels, into a structured and well-organized database. This database will store extensive details about the user's food nutrition intake Once the data is inputted, users can query and retrieve their nutritional information through the streamlit interface. Llamaindex text to sql library allows users to interact with their dietary data using natural language queries, making it easy to access and analyze their nutritional intake without needing advanced technical knowledge. Users can ask questions about their diet, such as the total calories, protein intake. LlamaIndex library using GPT3.5 will translates these natural language queries into SQL commands that retrieve the relevant information from the database.

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