Created by team Techno-scientist on July 10, 2023

Ermyth is an AI-driven system which listens to your stories. As you speak, Ermyth will generate visuals fitting the events you describe. In doing so, it immerses the user into an interactive narration. In the background, an Emotion Recognition System monitors the user’s affective state. This enables the system to provide coaching aimed to improve the resilience and feelings of safety of the user. The project we aim to build consists of a system which listens to the user and generates images fitting the story the user is narrating. Additionally, automatic emotion recognition (AER) is performed in the background. The AI model (PaLM) is tasked with interacting with the user when needed. The interactions are aimed to contribute to the user’s feelings of safety, while they face topics of different type. To do so, the AI will play the role of a character within the story, who helps the user to face problematic topics by inviting them to reflect and optionally relax when AER reaches sufficiently negative valence. Conversely, image generation will be mitigating the influence of negative emotions on visuals, while enhancing positive emotions. This is meant to create a positive feedback loop, which aims to boost resilience, emotional awareness and psychological safety.

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"Nice project idea! Would have loved to see a working demo in the presentation even so you did some great job. Hope to see your team in other hackathons!"


Skander Karoui

Data Science and AI enthusiast || ICT Engineer