SQL Query Optimizer by LLM

Created by team SuperCouch on July 10, 2023

Query Optimization has been a crucial and headache issue for SQL storage engines. Databricks, Snowflake, Microsoft, and Oracle all have big teams dedicated to this field. Meanwhile, insufficient SQL queries are still everywhere and wasting tons of time and computing resources. Currently, there are various ways to rewrite an inefficient SQL query, there are even startups just to help you write good queries. But their approaches are still mostly by rules and heuristics. ChatGPT is able to rewrite some queries, but firstly the current results are not good enough, and secondly, it would be hard to incorporate data schema information such as table, index, etc. However, these obstacles are not unsolvable. We should believe LLM can play a bigger role in this field. This project leverages the power of PaLM and LangChain, demonstrating the first step towards this goal.

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