Created by team Lone Tech Titan on July 09, 2023

EmailForge uses Google's Vertex AI Generative AI to generate emails on the go. The AI is trained on a large dataset of high-quality emails, allowing it to generate emails that are both effective and engaging. When a user inputs some basic information about the email they want to create, EmailForge uses this data to generate a unique email that is tailored to their needs. The process begins by analyzing the user's input and generating a rough draft of the email. From there, the AI refines the draft, taking into account factors such as tone, language, and formatting. Once the email is complete, the user can review and edit it as needed before sending it off.

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"Application of Technology: 4/5 EmailForge effectively uses Google's Vertex AI Generative AI, showing application of advanced technology. Presentation: 2/5 The presentation though concise is short and does not provide a comprehensive understanding of the business model limiting its impressiveness. Business Value: 4/5 The tool has high business value providing an efficient solution to drafting professional emails which is a common task in business environments. Originality: 3/5 While AI-generated text is not a new concept the application to email drafting is a creative and practical twist enhancing originality."


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor