Created by team Lan Run on July 10, 2023

šŸ„² My girlfriend is returning to her home country in a few months, and it's time for me to create an app to impress her. We speak different languages and occasionally learn new words together. I've decided to leverage my #nocode skills and embark on this journey. My goal: To create an app that enables couples to learn a new word every day together, while recording all words, including audio. After each word submission, AI (from Google's PaLM 2) will suggest another vocabulary word for you to register. At the moment, it's a public vocabulary library, meaning that anyone can record and register in their language. Please contribute your words so that we all can learn new languages together.

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"I'm absolutely impressed by Lang Together. This project has the potential to be a valuable resource for couples from different countries, helping them better understand each other's languages and cultures. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing more features and developments in this project. Good luck to the team!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green