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Created by team JustBePractical on July 10, 2023

I. Introduction A. Using a sentiment analysis AI for public relations B. Identifying hate speech and non-hate speech C. Categorizing offensive hate speech and non-hate speech D. Purpose: Helping businesses manage social media platforms and prevent disruptions II. Identifying and Categorizing Speech A. Utilizing sentiment analysis AI to replicate PR team's work Analyzing language patterns and emotions Identifying positive, negative, and neutral sentiments B. Distinguishing hate speech from non-hate speech Recognizing discriminatory or offensive content Identifying harmful intentions or targeted attacks C. Categorizing offensive hate speech Labelling content that incites violence or discrimination Identifying explicit or derogatory language D. Categorizing non-hate speech Classifying content that promotes inclusivity and positivity Recognizing constructive criticism or dissenting opinions III. Application in Social Media Management A. Assisting businesses in identifying acceptable content Determining social media guidelines and policies Establishing thresholds for hate speech detection B. Preventing mass media disruption Alerting businesses to potential controversies or backlash Prompting proactive measures to address concerns C. Combating cancel culture Helping businesses understand public sentiment Enabling timely responses and damage control strategies IV. Conclusion A. Importance of utilizing sentiment analysis AI in PR efforts B. Enhancing social media management and preventing disruptions C. Supporting businesses in navigating online environments and public opinion

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