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Created by team VectexAI on July 10, 2023

Vectex AI is a project that seamlessly fuses VectorStore, an advanced vector search library, with Google's Vertex AI, setting a new precedent for AI-enhanced, fact-based conversations. The project's nucleus resides in the innovative use of VectorStore, a tool well-primed for handling high dimensional data. The VectorStore database, stored within a Google Cloud bucket, serves as an extensive reservoir of information. It powers the project's memory retrieval capabilities, allowing for comprehensive and factual responses to user queries. The integration of Vertex AI complements the project's ambition. Google's versatile machine learning platform ingests the user's conversational prompts, and leveraging its pre-trained model, executes a search process within VectorStore. The 'cosine' distance metric and a cap of '20' results optimize this search, ensuring the system retrieves the most relevant data for each query. The marriage of Vertex AI's knowledge retrieval with VectorStore's memory capacities creates a powerful synergy. It allows the AI to engage in conversation, while simultaneously accessing and integrating factual knowledge. The result is a dialogue that's not only intelligent but contextually enriched and accurate. The project is encapsulated within a sleek web UI, courtesy of Vue.js and Tailwind CSS. This vibrant, user-friendly interface houses the Vertex AI-VectorStore fusion, offering an engaging platform for users to experience these enhanced AI dialogues firsthand. The UI's dynamically updated background image, fetched directly from the asset directory, adds a captivating visual touch, making the dialogue process more immersive.

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"Great job, team! Vertex AI has the potential to revolutionize fact-based conversations and enhance the user experience. It would be beneficial to include a voice presentation and provide more detailed information beyond what a slide presentation can offer. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing further developments and updates about your project. Good luck with your future endeavors!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green