Created by team Rilex on March 24, 2024

The problem we are trying to solve is that of accessibility of the internet by people to disabilities. Accessibility in the sense that people with disabilities eg, people with ADHD, find it hard to navigate through complex and long webpages and end up getting less from what is meant to benefit them the most. Our solutiion is Accessify, A chrome extension that uses generative AI (Gemini Ultra APIs) to be able to simplify the process of navigating through webpages. Gemini Takes in the webpage, summarises and gives a more comprehensible, understandable and storylike version of the website which can make it easy for them to navigate thorugh the site. Accessify also offers additional features such as images summarisation and it is also able to explain an image inthe context pf the words that is found around it. This will help those with poor vision, color blindness, etc to better understand their webpages. Also, a Text-to-Speech model also makes it easy for people who are blind or who just prefer spoken words to listen to the better version of the website. In the future, we hope to make Accessify open source and others can contribute to it. Other features that we will want to include oin the feature is saving preference data to be able to provide better services to our audience, improving the view of the extension, add other feaures like contrast enhancement, and integrate it with an IoT device - Braille writer that can help translate Words to Braille for those with visual impairment to use. We hope to see people with disabilitiies flourish despite their seemingly disadvantaged state, but with accessify, we can change the game. Thank you.

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"it is a great idea to help ADHD navigating website, but i don't understand the problem they face here and how solution help them. also your demo is not available to try."


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor