Gemini Hire

Created by team GeminiHire on December 27, 2023

GeminiHire is a cutting-edge application designed to transform the job application process. Utilizing the power of AI, it provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance their job-seeking journey. From analyzing resumes and generating personalized cover letters that resonate with job descriptions to identifying skills gaps with actionable recommendations, GeminiHire ensures candidates present their best selves. Additionally, it prepares tailored interview questions, helping users anticipate and practice responses. Ideal for job seekers and career professionals alike, GeminiHire is the ultimate tool for standing out in a competitive job market and securing the perfect position. It uses Gemini Pro (both vision and text) to drive the application. It uses TruLens heavily: 3 custom feedback functions to continuously evaluate model performance against a resume bank of about 30 resumes. These functions are designed to scrutinize the generated cover letters, skill gap analyses, and interview questions by providing objective scores. Utilizing prompts loaded from a dedicated directory, each function—evaluate_cover_letter, evaluate_skills_gap, and evaluate_interview_questions—compares the app's outputs against the inputs, feeding them into the language model for a thorough analysis. The results are interpreted as numerical scores, offering quantifiable insights into the relevance, accuracy, and effectiveness of the content generated, thereby enabling continuous improvement and precision in the job-seeking tools provided by GeminiHire.

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"great work. the idea is great and all added features are very well thought of. excellent use of technology."


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor

"Very clear use case and great use of custom evaluations to drive improvement in the applications. Nicely done!"


Josh Reini