Created by team Gem9 on December 20, 2023

As scientists and engineers, we often draw a lot of diagrams depicting systems, for example, architecture, state machines, and flow diagrams. However, writing their descriptions can often be tedious, but without which system documentation remains incomplete. With Sys2Doc, one can generate system documentation based on a given diagram of any system. Sys2Doc is powered by Gemini Pro Vision and TruLens. The latter is used to identify an associated prompt for the images so that the description generated in response is largely sanitized, for example, in terms of insensitivity and criminality. So, the next time someone asks you to document your project, remember that Sys2Doc is there to help!

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"Really useful application to quickly understand system designs and diagrams, and nice use of gemini to do so! I also liked your iterative approach to improve on the harmless evals. Area to improve: While harmless evaluations can be useful for external-facing applications to avoid liability and so on, it would have been better to see evaluations that validate the core capabilities of the application."


Josh Reini


"Great work. i would like to see you talking more about the project and its features and write a problem statement to explain why your project is important and solve many problems. continue working on your presentation. application of technology is very smart to show the results and your demo is working very well. amazing work"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor