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Created by team AlphaBeam on December 27, 2023

AlphaBeam CBI is an avant-garde Conversational Business Intelligence solution, the first of its kind, that redefines data interaction by seamlessly helping business users to explore their data without having to rely on their tech teams every time. While traditional BI tools have empowered data exploration through dashboards and reports, they often cater to a specialized audience, requiring technical expertise and leaving out crucial stakeholders. This results in missed insights, delayed decisions, and a limited understanding of their data's true potential. To address this shortcoming in fostering a truly interactive and user-centric experience for non-technical users, AlphaBeam seamlessly blends conversational capabilities with advanced analytics, creating a symbiotic relationship between business users and their data. AlphaBeam distinguishes itself by providing a multifaceted approach to data analytics. At a glance, AlphaBeam offers businesses and organisations, in particular non-technical stakeholders, a data-agnostic solution to ingest data from different sources, a semantic layer which translates raw data into business vocabularies and user queries into precise metrics and visualizations, a conversational interface for ad-hoc analysis and AI-powered insights through Gemini LLM, and a visualisation layer transforms the retrieved data into compelling dashboards . Further under the hood, the metric layer houses metrics and integrates with Gemini for spontaneous metric generation. The retrieval layer, powered by ChromaDB, implements the metrics to fetch relevant data from the sources and feeds this to the Chat layer. AlphaBeam's architecture orchestrates a seamless dialogue between users and their data, while unlocking insights through a robust interactive platform. Our journey has only just begun and we see AlphaBeam creating a conversational bridge between business people and their vast ocean of data.

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