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Created by team SUMMA on July 31, 2023

Soma is a groundbreaking solution for those tired of struggling with converting lengthy audio recordings into written text. With Soma, you can effortlessly convert audio to text and even translate it into multiple languages. But that's not all! Soma goes above and beyond by offering a unique summarization feature, condensing the audio's content for quick understanding, and a chat AI that allows users to ask questions about the audio content. Investing in Soma is an excellent opportunity due to its massive target market. Focusing on 1.35 billion English speakers and 480 million Arabic speakers worldwide, capturing just 5% of each group would mean 67.5 million potential English users and 24 million potential Arabic users. The demand for Soma's services is undeniably substantial. The business model revolves around a subscription method, featuring three plans: the Starter Plan (free), Premium Plan, and Ultimate Plan, each providing varying features and benefits. This straightforward approach allows users to access the app's capabilities with ease. Soma's success is further bolstered by its skilled team of four individuals, each possessing expertise in their respective fields. Their combined knowledge and dedication ensure that Soma will excel in the audio conversion and translation industry. By investing in Soma today, you become a part of an incredible journey to revolutionize audio processing. With a wide reach, an attractive business model, and a talented team, Soma is poised for remarkable achievements. Thank you for considering Soma, and we hope you join us in reshaping the future of audio conversion and translation. Have a fantastic day!

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