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Created by team s4 folks on August 01, 2023

Manual call center communication is time-consuming, repetitive, and costly. By implementing an AI-driven healthcare call center like HeyDoctor!, we can improve the patient experience, reallocate staff resources, and streamline financial resources. For the submission, we have categorized our project into two main groups: the input side and the output side. On the input side, we utilized the OpenAI Whisper 2 API to convert speech to text. The text generated from this process was then sent to our backend service to create a response. On the output side, we used the OpenAI GPT-3.5-turbo API as the reasoning engine and powered assistant. To achieve this, we took the user's dialog obtained from the Whisper API and used it as input for the GPT-3.5-turbo API to generate responses. These responses were then used with the elevenlabs API to produce a realistic voice. For the frontend, we implemented Svelte, and for the backend, we used FastAPI. Both of these services were deployed using Vercel.

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"Remarkable problem-solving skills! I like this focus on using AI in healthcare and you're solving an important issue. For further improvement, I would like to see how you can convince hospitals or other organizations to pay for your product and how you can differentiate from other AI platforms by leveraging technology. Keep going!"


Iris Guo

"Your project has a lot of potential in the healthcare market, especially in areas where access to doctors is limited or expensive. You can provide a convenient and affordable way for patients to get medical advice, diagnosis, and prescriptions without having to visit a clinic or hospital. - One suggestion I have for improvement is to add some validation and verification mechanisms to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided by the AI assistant. For example, you can use some medical databases or APIs to cross-check the symptoms, conditions, and treatments suggested by the GPT-3.5-turbo API. You can also use some authentication methods to verify the identity and eligibility of the patients who use your service. Blessup on your creativity and skills. I hope you enjoyed participating in the hackathon and I wish you all the best for your future endeavors."


Ndim Donald

NoCode Entrepreneur