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Created by team MagicDub on July 31, 2023

MagicDub aims to allow the user to watch their fav foreign show in high-quality English audio. We strongly believe that with the advancement in Generative AI, we are at the right stage to crack a make one and serve all model. Beautiful movies are left out of reach due to language barriers. Subtitles are the most common and easy way to watch out acclaimed foreign movies. With the help of TTS, we aim to recreate the full foreign movie experience in the English Language/ chosen language. For the same, we have relied on subtitles and used diarization technique to identify rough speaker change and corresponding audio segments. From the collected audio segment, we clone new audio for the character and then use respective voices to generate English dialogues using subtitles. The solution also intended to use sentiment, duration and other stats of each subtitle scene and use the same for generating TTS.

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"From user need perspective a very interesting and needed service. "


Kimmo Isbjörnssund